Thoughts on WordPress

by S.S.

While we find the Wordpress platform a solution for everyone, the learning curve can be tough. If your are maintaining a WordPress site yourself you have to make sure you are staying on top of the security patches and installing them.  You make be certain that you are only using plug-ins from reputable developers. Third Party plug-ins are the number one reason for security breeches into your WordPress website. You must keep in mind that WordPress is open source which means everyone has the code. There is a segment out there (Hackers) looking for a flaw in the core code so they can not only gain access to your website but your server as well. Once a hacker gains control, the dollars spent to remove malware and other nasty code inserts are very high. Meanwhile your website is offline until the hosting company deems the site to be hack free and safe to again run on their servers. We find that a Custom Content Management System is less likely to be hacked due to the fact they are not open source therefore the code is not out there for hackers to see and take advantage. We also find that when we build a Custom CMS for our clients it is cheaper, has an easier learning curve since it is built to your needs. As a bonus, your site will not look like others because your are not using a WordPress Template.

While we always recommend moving away from WordPress or any open source system, we do have a team that specializes in managing these sites if you have one and feel you are over your head.

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